Cheap Breast Implants

When asking, “How much does a boob job cost?,” the obvious implication is that we want the implants that we choose to be affordable. Cheap breast implants is what we’re after! By cheap, I certainly don’t mean poorly made. And I don’t mean that the surgery is done in a haphazard manner either. Clearly, we are just looking for the best value for our money. Today I’ll show you how to achieve this.


Shop Around

As with any major purchase, you’re going to be better off getting more than one quote for your cheap breast implants. Start by surveying your friends who you know have had a boob job to get recommendations for plastic surgeons in your area. Even you don’t know anyone who has had a breast augmentation, one of your friends probably has another friend who has had the procedure done. You’re never more than two degrees of separation away from someone who’s had a boob job!

Cheap Breast Implants

Once you get some names of recommended doctors in your area, schedule a consultation with each one. Let them know that you are in the process of evaluating your options for this important decision. After the first consultation you should have an idea as to what size and type of implants you are interested in. Therefore, you should be able to make an apples to apples comparison of each plastic surgeon’s proposal.

Choosing Between Saline and Silicone

By choosing saline implants, you can lower your boob job cost by $700 – $1,200 (or even more) depending on the surgeon.  Many people consider silicone implants to feel the most natural of the two, but the appearance and touch of the saline implants satisfies many women just as well. This is obviously personal preference, but it’s certainly a good opportunity to save some cash.

Offer To Pay Cash and Pay In Full

If you offer to pay for your breast implants at the time of the surgery in cash or by check you can often negotiate a significant discount off the price of the surgery.  When you finance a surgery with a plastic surgeon’s office, the doctor has to give a cut of the money to a finance company and his office staff has to follow up and collect the money.  If you pay cash, it’s much less of a hassle for him, and he’ll likely reward you for doing so.

Cheap breast implants aren’t just a fairy tale if you take the above steps.  So, the next time someone asks you how much does a boob job cost?, you can help them see that it doesn’t have to be that much.

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