Boob Job: How much does it cost?

Boob Job

For anyone thinking about breast augmentation surgery, one of the first questions to consider is: How much does a boob job cost?

Hi! My name is Carrie.  After decades of living with a less than impressive chest, I decided to buy myself new breasts for my 34th birthday–and I couldn’t be happier with the results. However, in the months leading up to my surgery, I couldn’t find reliable information on prices so I started piecing together what I could find for my own personal use.  Since then, I figured that other women would love to have access to my findings so I’ve published it here for your reference.  I hope it helps you as much as it helped me!

So let’s get to it: How much does it cost?  While the answer is easy to define “on average,” there can be quite a bit of variation depending on your area of the country and the physician you choose to perform your surgery.  Luckily, I’ve surveyed over 900 women who have had breast implants and come up with the following statistics on boob job costs.

Median cost: $6,000
Average cost: $6,637

This tells us, that on in most cases we are going to pay between $6,000 and $6,637 for a boob job. That’s a pretty good estimate.

To get an even broader idea of what we might expect to pay, we can look at the range of prices paid by other women.  Based on our data, the low end of the range is $3,500 (the 10th percentile). The high end of the range is $9,500 (the 90th percentile). We can be certain that pretty much everywhere we go, our new boobs will cost us somewhere in that range.

Armed with this information, we can now be savvy shoppers when it comes to our future bosoms!  For example, if a surgeon quotes us $12,000 for a breast augmentation, we would know that he’s past the high end of the range.  Why is he so expensive?  Is he worth the price?  It would be worth talking to some of his clients to find out about their experiences with the surgery and recovery process.

On the other hand, if a surgeon quotes you a price of $1,800, you may want to question that just the same. Why is he so cheap? What are his clients experiences like? Are their boobs even? I’m somewhat kidding, but still, you see why there would be questions.

I hope you feel more informed and confident than you did before you found me.  I wish you good luck, and if you find anyone else asking “How much do breast implants cost?” just send them my way!

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